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Service Department
“After the sale, it’s the service that counts!”

-David J. Satel, Founder

David’s Vending Sales and Repairs offers both in-store and on location repairs of vending machines and related equipment.    To schedule a service call or appointment, please contact our Service Department at (818) 848-8703.  We have a fully stocked vending machine parts department so when we go out on a service call we can bring necessary parts with us.

Please be prepared to provide us with the following details on your equipment for repair:

1.       Location of Machine, including specific address, floor, cross street and hours of operation

2.       Type of Machine:  Soda, Snack, Coffee, Combo, Ice Cream, other

3.       Manufacturer of Machine

4.       Model of Machine:

5.       Serial Number (if under warranty): 

6.       Description of Issue or Problem:

7.       Error Message on Machine:

8.       Parts needed (if known):

9.       Who will have key:

10.      Key Number:

Costs for repair:

a.)    Service Call Fee:  Beginning at $100.00 (based on distance from our location )

b.)    Labor: $75/hour. Labor time is allotted for in 30 minute increments. 

c.)     Parts (Variable)

d.)    Sales Tax 9.00%


David’s Vending offers a 90-day warranty on all new equipment purchased from David’s Vending Sales and Repairs.  The 90-day warranty includes the Service Call Fee, labor and parts if necessary; excluding any issues pertaining to coin jams or misloaded products.  

David’s Vending offers a 60-day warranty on all used equipment purchased from David’s Vending Sales and Repairs.  The 60-day warranty includes labor and parts if necessary; excluding any issues pertaining to coin jams or misloaded products.  

For service to used equipment, the Service Call fee is under warranty for 30 days in the event that the issue reoccurs.

Payments for Repair:

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cash or Checks payable to David Vending Sales and Repairs. Service Call Fee (beginning at $100) is due upon arrival at location. 

All repairs must be paid in full within 30 days of service.  To arrange for a credit card payment of the Service Call Fee, please contact our office for the One-Time Credit Card Authorization Form.

About our Service Department:

Our Service Department of skilled vending machine technicians are trained by the manufacturers we represent including the installation, set-up, electrical, mechanical, refrigeration and computerized components of each machine based on the manufacturers requirements. 

Our Service Technicians will determine the causes of the machines’ malfunction, and repair, rebuild, or replace defective vending machine parts to restore service to the vending machine. When machine technicians cannot quickly diagnose and isolate which vending machine parts are malfunctioning, they may have to troubleshoot by following procedures developed by vending machine manufacturers. Vending machines and their parts are usually serviced or replaced at individual vending locations. When vending machines need major repairs, our vending technicians may transport the vending machine back to our warehouse to dismantle and replace the malfunctioning vending machine parts, and reassemble the machine.   We provide repair service to all soda, snack, coffee, cold food, office coffee, coin mechanisms, bill validators, compressors, refrigeration units, and we offer the repair and restoration of antique machines.

Please contact us today to schedule your service appointment!